I browsed through the internet to see what “stars” I can find amongst bull terriers. Although I knew about some books, films and commercials which showed bull terriers, I was also still curious about who had or has a bull terrier. In encountered pleasant surprises . I hope you will enjoy what I found.

Bullseye is a Miniature Bull Terrier and trademark of the Target Brands, a subsidiary of Target Corporation. It has a pure white coat, and has Target Corporation’s bullseye logo painted around its left eye. It is featured in Target’s commercial campaigns and in store sale signing and is used in various marketing campaigns. Target also offers the dog as a stuffed toy for special events or employee recognition. The original Target dog was American Kennel Club CH Kingsmere Moondoggie, affectionately known as “Smudgie”.

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Spuds Mackenzie

Spuds MacKenzie (real name Honey Tree Evil Eye, c. 1983 – May 31, 1993) was a fictional dog created for use in an advertising campaign marketing Bud Light beer in the late 1980s. The dog first showed up in a Bud Light Super Bowl ad. By the end of the game, Spuds was a marketing success. During the height of his popularity, large amounts of Spuds merchandise was available, such as plush toys, t-shirts, lamps, glasses and many more. Shortly after Spuds’ rise to fame it was learned that “he” was actually female. The “controversy” was spread through the media.



Bull terrier lady Mia is in ownership of czech model and Miss Czech republic Diana Kobzanová.



Babe – Pig in the city Disney movie had a White Bull Terrier with a dark eye patch as the “Bad Dog gone Good”. They gave him the name P.B. which stood for Pit Bull and he was referred to and listed as a Pit Bull in the movie and credits. Several Bull Terrier Clubs and Members were upset with Disney for this mislabeling of the breed.


William the Conqueror
General Patton was an avid animal lover. The most famous bull terrier owned by General Patton was purchased on 4 March, 1944. He was named Willie, short for “William the Conqueror.” Willie was devoted to General Patton and followed him everywhere.
When General Patton bought Willie, he wrote in his diary, “My bull pup . . . took to me like a duck to water. He is 15 months old, pure white except for a little lemin [sic] on his tail which to a cursory glance would seem to indicate that he had not used toilet paper. . .” Willie wore jingle bells on his collar so everyone would know when he was around and he was rumored to be a prodigious “lover.” He supposedly had his own set of “dog tags,” too.
George Smith Patton, (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945) was a distinguished and controversial U.S. Army officer. Commissioned in the army in 1909, Patton participated in the unsuccessful attempt to capture Pancho Villa. In World War I, he was a senior commander of the new United States Tank Corps and saw action in France. After the war, he was a strong advocate of armored warfare.

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Wildfire is the hero of the screen play IT´S A DOG´S LIFE, which is based on Richard Harding Davis’ story “The Bar Sinister.” He’s a 3 to 1 underdog, a fighting bull terrier, the butcher boy of the Bowery who becomes the darling of the high-society dog circuit, a winner in the Madison Square Garden grand nationals.
IT’S A DOG’s LIFE, screen play by John Michael Hayes; directed by Herman Hoffman and produced by Henry Berman for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
Staring: Jeff Richards, Jarma Lewis, Edmund Gwenn, Dean Jagger, Willard Sage, Sally Fraser, Richard Anderson, J. M. Kerrigan and Wildfire.

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Alfred & Daisy

Famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs with his bull terriers Alfred & Daisy.
Marc Jacobs (born April 9, 1963 in New York City) is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs is currently the Creative Director of the prestigious French design house Louis Vuitton.



Not everytime a bullie is the positive hero. Scud is Sid Phillips’ maniac dog and ferocious toy-chewer in Toy Story.

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Onion is a mini bull terrier with a taste for the limelight. She’s in a Ewan McGregor movie “Scenes of a Sexual Nature” and a “Aha” pop video. She’s also the model for the fabulous Onion Light and softie.

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Florence & Dotty

Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth´s daughter has 2 bull terriers, but these bullies are well known in a negative way. In November 2003 Dotty attacked two children in Windsor Great Park and left a 12-year-old boy with a bite on the collarbone and two bites to the left leg. Only a few days before Christmas, when the Queen´s corgis ran out to greet the Princess Royal as she arrived at Sandringham, Florence attacked corgi Pharos, one of the oldest and dearest pets. Pharos had been badly injured and had to be put down.Days after fatally mauling one of Queen Elizabeth’s prized corgis, Florence has attacked one of the queen’s maids, biting her on the knee. The Princess Royal sent her troublesome bull terriers Florence and Dotty to an animal psychologist.

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Baxter is a 1989 French film directed by Jérôme Boivin. The title character is a bull terrier who tells the story of his search for a proper master in voice-over narration.
Baxter, a bull terrier, is taken from the pens and given to an old woman. Baxter hates the old woman’s bland lifestyle and reacts to her habits with disgust. In contrast, he becomes obsessed with the young couple across the street as he observes their nightly lovemaking sessions. Baxter attempts to communicate his dominance over the old woman by causing her to stumble, but his plan backfires. The old woman’s condition deteriorates, and ultimately Baxter kills her in order to be adopted by the young couple.
Baxter enjoys his life with the young couple, splitting his time between the sensual woman and the earthy man. He brings them dead animals in an attempt to show them who he is. His idyll is broken when the couple has a baby and begins to neglect him. Baxter hates the weak and helpless child. He attempts to kill it, but his plans again backfire. Ignorant of Baxter’s murderous intentions, the couple gives Baxter to a neighborhood boy.
Baxter thrills under the firm hand of his new master, a budding sociopath and Hitler fanatic. Baxter kills a stray dog to show the boy who he is, and Baxter believes that they come to a mutual understanding. The boy begins to see a girl from his school who reminds him of Eva Braun. Baxter impregnates the girl’s spaniel, though his own sexuality disgusts him. When the boy commands Baxter to kill a classmate, Baxter refuses and realizes that the boy does not understand him after all.
The girl’s spaniel gives birth to puppies, and Baxter reacts to them with mixed emotions. In an attempt to emulate the final days of Hitler, the boy kills the puppies. In reaction, Baxter decides that the boy must die. The boy attacks first, but Baxter manages to gain the upper hand. When the boy commands him to heel, Baxter finds that he cannot disobey, allowing the boy to kill him. Later, the boy breaks into the old lady’s abandoned house and observes the young couple across the street. In a monologue echoing Baxter’s, the boy plans to kill his parents and be adopted by the couple.

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Blue & Coach Don Cherry
In 1955, Don Cherry played one playoff game with the Boston Bruins. He spent the next 16 years in the minors. In 1974, he was hired as head coach of the Boston Bruins. Cherry’s Bruins finished first in their division four seasons in a row and he was the NHL Coach of the Year in the 1975/76 season.
Blue, a female, white bull terrier, was his loving side kick for many of his coaching years.
Hockey Night in Canada: For the past 16 years in the Coach’s Corner with host Ron MacLean, Cherry has stayed true to form with his candidness, often controversial and always entertaining comments.

Don Cherry currently has a Sports Bar franchise in Canada called
Don Cherry’s Sports Bar


“The Incredible Journey”
Book by Sheila Burnford
Movie by Disney
Instinct told them that the way home lay to the west. And so the doughty young Labrador retriever, the roguish Bull Terrier and the indomitable Siamese Cat set out through the Canadian wilderness. Separately, they would soon have died. But, together, the three house pets faced starvation, exposure, and wild forest animals to make their way home to the family they love. The Incredible Journey is one of the great children”s stories of all time–and has been popular ever since its debut in 1961.

“Ty Company”
Ty started producing Beanie Babies in 1996 as a toy for small children. Soon adults were collecting the pillow-like toys.
“Bruno” was the 1st Bully available on December 31, 1997. He was retired on September 18, 1998 “Butch” was the 2nd Bully available on January 1, 1999. He is still available in stores.

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Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and his bull terrier Darla

Taylor Swift (American country music singer-songwriter) and her bullie