canisa bull terrier

We are Bogdan, Monica and our son David. We are a family of veterinarians and animal lovers. We are from Bucharest, Romania.

We have a small bull terrier kennel and we want to continue this way because we put a lot of heart in raising our dogs, as well as in everything else we do. We are sure that a larger number of dogs will diminish the ideal raising and upkeeping conditions for our dogs.

Our first bull terrier was Maya, which we acquired in 2010. Maya is a loving and well-balanced bull terrier, which made us fall in love with this breed. We brought Maya into our home in order to have a dog for David to grow up with and to harmoniously evolve. (David was 1 year old).

Since then, Maya and afterwards Misha, the second bull terrier, became a part of our family and because of this breed’s qualities we started to develop a genuine passion for bull terriers; therefore in 2012 we came upon the decision to found the David King Of Bulls bull terrier Kennel.

Our kennel is certified and recognized since 2012 by the International Kennel Union and the Romanian Kennel Club. Also, We are members of the Romanian Kennel Club and Bucharest Metropolitan Kennel Club.
Our kennel is specialized in breeding and selecting the bull terrier breed.
Annually we take part in shows organized in Romania, constantly trying to achieve an exhibition year as good as we possibly can in what regards canine shows. We are trying to raise increasingly better dogs, with real characters and excellent blood lines.
Our dogs are being tested when reaching the right age. Despite all the tests they are undergoing, genetics holds the last word and unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything! When buying a puppy, even from the best known breeder, you face a risk which can occur with any living creature.

We have on our side the advantage of the modern testing techniques, we are studying blood lines and pedigrees, we schedule the reproduction timing and we are very selective regarding the future puppies.

Nevertheless there will always be a chance of a problem occurring; unfortunately there is no way to foresee the future in order to predict which puppy might or might not encounter health problems … although we would like to be able to do so.

The bull terrier is a wonderful breed, suited for families with or without children.
Bull Terrier is an extremely adaptable dog, and therefore an apartment is not a problem in keeping such a dog. A more detailed description can be found at
The difference between pet dogs and show dogs is consists in their potential to participate in canine shows; it doesn’t mean that a pet puppy is ugly, but it will always be disadvantaged when compared to a puppy with show abilities. The difference can only be seen by me, by the other breeders and by the judges, because there are physical parameters, phenotypical, that a common person cannot see.
ALL THE “DAVID KING OF BULLS” KENNEL PUPPIES RECEIVE TYPE A PEDIGREE issued by COR – Romanian Origin Book, working under the Romanian Kennel Club.

They will also own a health book/passport, microchip and showing book.
On this site you will be able to find representative pictures for the bull terriers we are breeding and loving. There are real pictures of our dogs and puppies.
After viewing the site, I would appreciate your opinion!

Thank you beforehand for your time.

For any information I will be at your disposal!

Bogdan Mihaescu