After numerous debates about what involves having or not having a pedigree breed dog, I have decided to detail a few important aspects in order for the future owner to form a point of view on this matter.

Not once have I heard:”I want a pure breed dog, but I don’t need a pedigree dog, because I’m not interested in taking it to shows.”

„The puppy costs me 200 Euros, but if I take the puppy with pedigree it costs me 500 Euros; why paying this difference for a piece of paper.”

Here I can add that paying more money for a pedigree dog from a serious breeder, you are ensured that the dog is correctly vaccinated and de-wormed and also you are guaranteed that the puppy is born from parents which have themselves been properly taken care of and raised.

In Romania, breeding culture is still at a very low level, and most people do not know exactly what a pedigree is, what is its purpose and how to obtain one.

I will try to shortly convey a few aspects about this matter, so that you can form an idea about the importance of an authentic pedigree.

What is Pedigree ?

Pedigree is that certificate of taking into evidence a dog in the Romanian Origin Book and in Romania it is issued by the A.Ch.R. (The Romanian Breeding Association).

In the pedigree there are accounted the identification information of the dog (its name), its breed, its bloodline, the dog’s identity data (tattoo, microchip) and identity data of the owner (name, address, phone number).

About a dog which owns a pedigree more aspects are accurately known: name of the dog, date of birth, parents, grandparents, grand-grandparents and grand-grand-grandparents. It can be known which one of its ancestors was a beauty champion in Romania or abroad. It can also be known who made that dog and what descendants it gave.

Down below I present you a pedigree sample issued by the Romanian Origin Book (A.Ch.R)

image_pedigree image_pedigree

Thus, with so much information that a single document can provide, the pedigree is extremely important not only for the breeder, but also for the future owner.

What is pedigree good for?

A dog without a pedigree cannot be considered a “pure breed dog”, even if morphologically speaking that specimen is identical to dogs from the breed it is “suppose” to belong to.

This means a dog without a pedigree cannot participate in official breeding shows, international shows, championships, club expos. For a dog without a pedigree is extremely difficult to find a breeding partner, because no serious breeder or owner will ever accept to mate his own pedigree dog with a specimen without one.

It is essential for all dogs to be beautiful and well-balanced and random mating can never offer any insurance of that.

Pedigree must provide the warranty of selection of the puppy that future owners are buying and it certifies that those dogs used in breeding belong to that particular breed; therefore they are “pure breed” dogs.

Too many times people think that pedigree is useless, because they are convinced it is of use only to those which participate in canine expos. There are nevertheless, cases when the buyer is told that the dog owns a pedigree, but no one bothers to explain to them what is good for, so the future owner puts it in a drawer, thinking is just an unclear piece of paper with no purpose.

If we like one or more features of a breed dog (beauty or temper), than it is only fair and natural to acquire a dog with all the official paperwork, because only a pedigree dog is a ”pure breed” dog.

“Pure breed dog”, even from the legal point of view is synonymous with “a dog with papers”, i.e. a dog with pedigree. If buying a true pure breed dog is desired, than that must be certified and guaranteed through a pedigree.

It is not recommended acquiring a puppy from ghost “kennels” off the internet. These “kennels” have tenths or hundreds of breeds available and in a few days from paying an advance, the puppy will be delivered to you. The great majority of these babies come from “dog farms” in Hungary, Poland etc., and often these puppies reach their owners weakened, unvaccinated and ill.

I have seen cases of health certificates with forged or doubtful vaccines, when in just a few hours or days from their arrival the puppies showed signs of parvovirus sickness or other diseases.

Buying a pedigree puppy from a serious owner will save you from all that trouble.

If you decided to acquire a pedigree breed dog you should look for a true breed dog, with a real pedigree; searching for a serious breeder (that raises only one or two breeds),who doesn’t forge the papers and who truly performs a breeding selection and not a commercial one!

How can we do this?

O good way is to reach a local breeding association in the area where you live and ask if there is any available club for the breed you are looking for. You can also search the internet for kennels that raise one or two breeds, where you can visualize what puppies they had, what breeding did they have in the last year, the parents pedigrees, what contests were these in, what conditions are the parents and puppies being brought up in etc.

Don’t forget that formalities for issuing a pedigree can only be made through the breeding clubs and local associations members of A.Ch.R (respectively F.C.I).

I hope I have reached all the important aspects in the “pedigree” matter.

For any other information I am at your disposal.

Best wishes,

Bogdan Mihaescu
David King Of Bulls Kennel.