Between the 13th and 15th of June 2014, David King Of Bulls kennel was present at the National Convention of the Royal Canin Breeders 2014.

The National Convention of the Royal Canin Breeders 2014 hosted specialized veterinarians who presented the breeders with many themes. 

imageDr Sylvie Chastant-Maillard

Associate Professor at the National Veterinary School of Toulouse, Dr. Chastant-Maillard presented the topic: The importance of colostrum to newborns.[divider]

image(1)Dr. Philippe Pierson

Regional Executive for Scientific Communication at Royal Canin. Dr. Pierson presented the theme: Kennel hygiene.[divider]

image(2)Dr. Alain Fontbonne

Associate Professor at the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine (Paris). Dr. Fontbonne owns the Clinic for Small Animals Reproduction based at the same Alfort Veterinary School. Dr.Fontbonne presented the theme: Reproduction problems in a kennel.