1103, 2014

Famous Bull Terriers

I browsed through the internet to see what “stars” I can find amongst bull terriers. Although I knew about some books, films and commercials which showed bull terriers, I was also still curious about who […]

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602, 2014

Selecting a breeder

“Either you go to a breeder or to a dog shelter, it is important to take into consideration some information before taking home a dog.
If you are not interested in the breed of the dog, […]

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2605, 2013

The importance and usefulness of pedigree

After numerous debates about what involves having or not having a pedigree breed dog, I have decided to detail a few important aspects in order for the future owner to form a point of view […]

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2104, 2013

Why to buy a Bull Terrier?

The Bull Terrier is not only a good friend, but it can also be an excellent „trainer”. It is known that the bull terrier improves his owner’s moral through its behavior; research prove that persons […]

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902, 2013

Be careful where you buy your puppy

“Hundreds of € for a puppy?? Oh, a lot, this is robbery! ” … Or maybe not?

Who has not heard or thought those words … And yet when it comes to buying a quality puppy, […]

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