The Bull Terrier is not only a good friend, but it can also be an excellent „trainer”. It is known that the bull terrier improves his owner’s moral through its behavior; research prove that persons owning a bull terrier have a much better blood circulation than the ones that do not have bull terriers; also they have better indicators in glucose and cholesterol than those that do not own bull terriers. All these benefits are due to the exercise you make when going for a walk or out to play with your bull terrier. The Bull Terrier being in itself a playful dog, it will urge you to move and play. Having a bull terrier, daily exercise outdoor will become a pleasure, you will get to meet new people and make friends with persons sharing the same passion: raising bull terriers. A family’s Bull Terrier, with vaccine, de-wormed and overseen by an adult, around children does not represent a danger, but at the contrary children raised around a bull terrier have a much stronger immune system and their socialization level is much more increased. It is even recommended that you bring up a child around a bull terrier; David was only 1 year old when Maya came into our home and bringing her in our family helped his physical and mental development. David became more aware, he gained self-confidence, easily made friends with new people, learned how to face responsibilities and he is much more careful with everything that happens around him. Raising a bull terrier can be a pleasant and interesting experience for the entire family. All you have to do is get a bull terrier.